Emily Mitchell Studio Commission Info- 2019

Commissioning Emily to create your very own  original painting is a rewarding process.  Emily will work with you to determine your specific needs, and she will create a painting that reflects your tastes while maintaining her artistic style.

Typically the process begins with a meeting, phone conversation, and/or email exchange.  This is a time for us to talk, connect and understand.  Together we make decisions regarding dimensions, key colors and potential important imagery.  Emily will use her existing body of work as a conversation starting point.  

Why commission a painting from Emily Mitchell Studio?

1.     Her painting style resonates with you.

2.     None of her available paintings are quite right for your space.

3.     You want to honor someone special with a memorable gift that will last a lifetime.

4.     Your favorite Emily Mitchell painting has already sold.

5.     The idea of creating a collaborative painting with her sounds meaningful.

It is important to note that because of the process Emily uses to create her artwork, the end result of your painting will be somewhat of a surprise!  It takes a special trust, great communication, and a sense of adventure for a painting commission to be successful.  Emily cannot exactly replicate any painting - even one of her own.

Once you and Emily have agreed to work together, here is what you can expect.

1.    She will send picture updates via email of the progress of your piece throughout the process.

2.     You will have multiple opportunities to give input during the process, however a limited amount of changes are allowed without incurring additional fees.

3.     Emily loves doing commissions because she enjoys working with people and helping them tell their story visually.


1.     The initial consult is free. Once we decide to work together, you will be charged 30% of the total.

2.     The remaining 70% will be charged once the painting is complete, and ready for delivery or shipment.

3.     Emily typically requires 2-4 months to complete a commission.  She can sometimes work within a shorter time-frame.

4.     For Commissions, Emily accepts checks, or cash, and payment plans are possible.

Emily is always happy to answer any other questions you have.  Contact her at emily@emilymitchellstuido.com to get started!

Commission Price List- 2018

Commissioned Original paintings on canvas

10” x 10”- $190.

12” x 12”- $270.

16” x 16”-  $480.

18” x 18”- $610.

20” x 20”- $750.

24” x 24”- $1090.

24” x 30”- $1375.

24” x 36”- $1625.

30” x 30”- $1687.

30” x 40”- $2250. 

36” x 36”- $2440.

36” x 48”- $3250.


Additional custom sizes as well as paintings on wood panel and paper are also available.

Special Pricing available for purchasing multiples.

Contact me for a quote- emilymitchellstudio < at> gmail.com

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